Oil’s Deep State

How the Petroleum Industry Undermines Democracy and Stops Action on Global Warming – in Alberta and in Ottawa That’s the title and subtitle, and twitter-length summary, of a recent book by Kevin Taft, who was a member of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta with the Alberta Liberal Party, and Leader of the  Opposition.  He had … Read more

The Climate Swerve

The Climate Swerve is the title of a recent (2017) book by the elder (now 92) statesman of American psychiatry, and the eminent public intellectual, Robert Jay Lifton. What does “swerve” mean? In customary language it suggests something hurtling down a road that has to swerve if disaster is to be avoided. Not a bad … Read more

Global Trade Not Paying for its Damages

The controversial trade agreement, NAFTA, is now being renegotiated at the insistence of President Trump.  Everything seems to be on the table but there’s one big thing that isn’t and should be. It’s that trade itself, which necessitates the transport of goods which spews out carbon emissions, has an ecological footprint. Trade agreements note that … Read more

Let Lost Words Live

The drift of the world, of our lives, has been, for some time, away from nature, from ties to the land, from birds and trees, and bees, and flowers and earthworms and such like. Nature takes its revenge for our neglect with droughts and floods, wild fires, mud slides, hurricanes, extinction of species, maybe we … Read more

The Climate Swerve

President Trump’s walk out from the Paris Accord on Climate Change was big news and bad news. The fact that almost 200 countries signed the accord was bigger news and very good news. So American psychiatrist Robert Jay Lifton, now 90, insists in his excellent little book “The Climate Swerve“. Without hope, it is writ, … Read more

Politicians out of touch with citizens

Politicians are more conservative than voters in the US on doing something about climate change. That’s what the contemporary issue  of the respected Bulletin of Atomic Scientists reports on the basis of recent research by David Broockman and Christopher Skovron. (May that also be true in Canada?) Why so? Politicians are not good at estimating … Read more

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