It took a lawsuit to force the Ontario Government to recognize that the Environmental Bill of Rights gives Ontario citizens a right to be consulted before the Government takes steps e.g. to “ditch” environmental legislation (Cap and Trade),  reverse policies (withdraw from the Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change) and eliminate agencies (such as … Read more

Climate Change and the Toronto Municipal Election – Part II

The re-drawing of Toronto’s electoral boundaries by the Province has resulted in larger wards where two popular councillors are fighting for re-election. Jaye Robinson, who represented Lawrence Park, the old Ward 25, is running against Jon Burnside, who represented Leaside, the old Ward 26. These wards are represented by the Federal MP for the area, … Read more

Nobel Prize Winner supports a price on carbon. Ford doesn’t!

As one of his first steps after taking office, Premier Ford announced his intent to repeal the provisions of Cap and Trade, the vehicle for the reduction of GHG emissions in Ontario. This program had been in effect for almost two years, and was starting to show results. Ford treated the vote in the Provincial Election … Read more

Climate Change and the Toronto Municipal Elections

In 2009 Toronto’s City Council mandated a study on the risks and impacts of climate change. The consultants assumed that countries would meet their Kyoto/Copenhagen targets for lower carbon emissions. Lower emissions would limit global warming, thereby reducing the risks of damages caused by future extreme weather events.  Unfortunately, few countries haven taken significant steps … Read more

Voters who ignore newspaper commentary?

Do Climate Deniers /Conservative Party supporters read newspapers?  Do they regard climate change news as “Fake news”?  or would they rather forget about the subject altogether!? The Globe & Mail Energy reporter, Shawn McCarthy, wrote a column about Climate Change in this Saturday’s edition under the headline “Taking stock after a summer of fire, heat … Read more

Wildfires in BC – Margaret Wente’s assessment!

In the August 31, 2018 edition of the Glove and Mail, Margaret Wente suggests that linking of forest fires with climate change is rhetorical.  Or, as she put it:  ” The rhetoric matches the images”, a reference to the many photos of burning forests and communities impacted wildfires. As an example of rhetoric, she quoted … Read more