Message to MPP Smith – Save the Catchacoma Forest and Preserve the Green Belt

On November 6 a delegation of 10 intrepid 4RG members brought to Dave Smith MPP for Peterborough the following message: Save the Catchacoma Old-Growth Forest The 662-hectare Catchacoma Forest is the largest known old-growth hemlock forest in Canada, and a habitat for several endangered species with other, important ecological values. Not least of these is … Read more

Home Conversion: Ray Scott

Ray and Lois Scott live in west-end Peterborough in a suburban home. There is a front garden with beautiful hydrangeas still blossoming, but other than that it is similar to all the other homes on the attractive, tree-lined street. However, inside there is a fundamental difference; it is an innovative, top-of-the-line, electrically powered home that … Read more