Your Better Sense of Nature

Jacob Rodenburg, an award-winning educator, Trent University instructor, and Executive Director of Camp Kawartha, will help you refresh your connection to nature by introducing you to a whole suite of activities from his new book “The Book of Nature Connection: 70 Sensory Activities For All Ages”.  From following scent trails and creating micro-trails, to drawing … Read more

Climate Science Basics and Beyond

Scott McKinlay clarifies the facts, de-bunks the fiction, outlines the repercussions, empowers effective action, and nurtures a sense of hope about the challenges of Climate Change. Scott is a lifetime naturalist, former physics/science teacher, and is currently on the board of 4RG. He is a trained Climate Reality Project leader, has trained for Kitchen Table … Read more

What Does a Green Thumb have to do with Climate Change?

“It’s no longer enough for a garden to just look pretty. Every garden needs to do more and every garden matters.” – author and scientist Doug Tallamy. Gardener, former educator, and co-chair of the Pollinator Action Committee, Deborah Pearson, helps us to understand how the changing climate impacts the growth of garden plants, and how … Read more

Trees and Climate Change: The Big Picture and Your Own Back Yard

Cathy Dueck explores the global role of trees in carbon sequestration, and your role in helping trees to thrive in our communities and back yards. A graduate of Environmental Science and teacher of Environmental Education at Trent University, Cathy has spent her life learning about, advocating for, and living amongst trees. Click HERE for the … Read more

4RG Meets March 14: Sacred Water by Dorothy Taylor

Dorothy Taylor, an Elder and Knowledge Keeper from Curve Lake First Nation, is a founding member of the Sacred Water Circle. She works with youth and many other communities in the Peterborough area to help forge new relationships with our sacred water, with the earth, and with all our non-human relatives. Dorothy’s video “Sacred Water” … Read more

4RG Meets Feb 2022: Localization – A Love Story, with Cheryl Lyon

Food in the Peterborough region is the reference point as we learn how “Local Living” helps weave nature, community, and economy into a major response to the climate crisis.  Cheryl has been an adult educator, a municipal Social Housing Administrator, and an editor for Greenzine magazine. After clicking the title, you can access the recorded presentation … Read more

4RG Meets Jan 2022: Regenerative Farming, with Pat Learmonth

From healthy soils and carbon sequestration to government funding and just transitions, Pat Learmonth’s presentation on Regenerative Agriculture covered a lot of “ground”.  There were farm producers and distributors, environmentalists, academics, and regular folks who care.  This was our best attended Meet to date, with a total of 75 screens. If you missed the live … Read more

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