Navigating Eco-grief and Finding Hope – Dr. Jessica Marion Barr (Apr 10, 2023)

Dr. Jessica Marion Barr explains how eco-grief not only influences our lives, but is an important step in our path towards activism and hope. She is an artist, educator, researcher and assistant professor at Trent University. Her interdisciplinary practice incorporates artmaking, arts-science research, and pedagogy, investigating creative and collaborative approaches to issues around climate change, … Read more

Tips for Engaging People in Climate Conversations – Guy Hanchet (Mar 13, 2023)

Do you avoid conversations about climate change with friends, family, or co-workers for fear it will become confrontational, or grind to an awkward silence?  Guy Hanchet, president of For Our Grandchildren, helped our members to practice the skills of active listening, acknowledging, and effective engagement, in order to encourage more productive conversations about this important … Read more

Reflections on the COP 15 UN Biodiversity Conference: Land, Power, Mythologies and Love – Kaia Douglas (Jan 9, 2023)

Biodiversity and climate change are intricately intertwined.  Activist Kaia Douglas reflects upon her December 2022 experiences at the COP 15 UN Biodiversity Conference in Montreal. View the recording of this presentation HERE. Below are some links to summaries, documents, petitions, and additional information relating to COP 15 Environmental Defence: Statement on the final outcome Podcast: … Read more

Climate Change is Affecting Your Health – Dr. Thomas Piggott & Drew Monkman (Nov 14, 2022)

  Click below to view the recording. This joint production between For Our Grandchildren and Peterborough Public Health features Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Thomas Piggott, and Local naturalist and author Drew Monkman.  Dr. Piggot assesses the health impacts of climate change on our physical and mental health, while Drew focuses on the effects on … Read more

Clean Energy for Home Owners – Jean-Pierre Pawliw (Oct 3, 2022)

Amid a backdrop of rising concern for climate change and energy security, professional engineer and electrician Jean-Pierre Pawliw summarizes the opportunities and costs of residential clean energy technology and how to get started in your own clean energy project. Watch the recorded video HERE. The links from JPs “Incentive” page are below: Canada Greener Homes … Read more

Good Food for You and the Planet – Puneeta Chhitwal-Varma (Sep/2022)

Puneeta Chhitwal-Varma is a Toronto-based food and sustainability author, an educator, and a guide for those who seek low-waste, planet-friendly, delicious solutions for everyday living.  Puneeta showed us how to check all the boxes through her accessible, science-based approach, Eating with Benefits ™. Unfortunately, this 4RG Meet could NOT be recorded due to publisher restrictions.  … Read more