Sacred Water, with Dorothy Taylor (Mar/2022)

Dorothy Taylor, an Elder and Knowledge Keeper from Curve Lake First Nation, is a founding member of the Sacred Water Circle. She works with youth and many other communities in the Peterborough area to help forge new relationships with our sacred water, with the earth, and with all our non-human relatives. Dorothy’s video “Sacred Water” … Read more

4RG Meets Feb 2022: Localization – A Love Story, with Cheryl Lyon

Food in the Peterborough region is the reference point as we learn how “Local Living” helps weave nature, community, and economy into a major response to the climate crisis.  Cheryl has been an adult educator, a municipal Social Housing Administrator, and an editor for Greenzine magazine. After clicking the title, you can access the recorded presentation … Read more

4RG Meets Jan 2022: Regenerative Farming, with Pat Learmonth

From healthy soils and carbon sequestration to government funding and just transitions, Pat Learmonth’s presentation on Regenerative Agriculture covered a lot of “ground”.  There were farm producers and distributors, environmentalists, academics, and regular folks who care.  This was our best attended Meet to date, with a total of 75 screens. If you missed the live … Read more

4RG Meets Dec 2022: Report on COP26, with Malaika Collette

Malaika Collette, a young Peterborough climate activist, shared her firsthand experience of COP26 in Glasgow, Scotland.  We heard about the moments that sparked delight, hope and a powerful sense of solidarity. She recounted moments of frustration as politicians were prevented from hearing the voices of youth and Indigenous people, and subsequently,  overlooked the full extent of … Read more

4RG Meets Oct 2021: Electric Vehicles, with Robert Lockhart

On Monday, October 4, Robert Lockhart shared his extensive knowledge and his enthusiasm for Electric Vehicle technology and the market in Canada. In case you missed it, here is the recording, the slides, the questions posed through the chat, and links to some of the resources mentioned during the presentation. Recorded Video from the Zoom … Read more

4RG Meets Sep 2021: Forest Therapy, with Sophie Monkman

Sophie Monkman told us about the benefits of Forest Therapy, and shared how she sees it as being an integral form of activism and engagement in the climate crisis.  So many participants visibly relaxed and smiled during her presentation.  Apparently, just talking about spending time in nature feels great. Here is the link to Sophie’s … Read more