Grass Roots Democracy – Letter to your MP

Do you agree that we must convince our politicians to act to mitigate climate change before it is truly too late? If you do, then a good way to do this is to meet with them and ask them to act now. With an election due in 2015, your member of parliament – whether Conservative, … Read more

Why are we marching in New York?

Why? Because our grandchildren’s future is at stake and thousands of people from all over North America are sending a message to world leaders. At least five chartered buses are travelling  from Toronto alone. The March starts at Central Park and world leaders in the General Assembly of the nearby United Nations headquarters will, we hope, take note of this outpouring over the climate crisis. We know that Secretary General Ban Ki-moon will urge leaders to take greater action than we did to defeat the Nazis in World War II.

We will be joined in New York by James Hansen, former head of NASA’s Goddard Institute, and author of Storms of My Grandchildren, along with a dozen of our grandparent friends from Norway. Bill McKibben, who started  <>  (the organizers of the march) and James Hansen have been champions of the battle to bring about clean energy. And battle it has been. The Bush Administration even cut out parts of Hansen’s early report before releasing it !

Nonetheless, like other grandparents, my wife and I are looking forward to a positive future for all grandchildren. And the march on Sept. 21st could be the start of a quiet revolution as all of us begin to comprehend what the space travellers have told us for years: there is only one fragile, jewel of a planet and we have the responsibility to care for it, not poison it or exploit it.

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A Concert Tour about Treaty Rights

Mark Blinch Canadian Press Photo 2014

On his recent concert tour, Neil Young invited three Federal Cabinet Ministers to appear on stage with him in Toronto to discuss the tar sands. To no one’s surprise, none of the Ministers took up the invitation.

In Calgary the fossil fuel industry association proposed he sit down with them and discuss the tar sands.  He accepted on condition that the industry accept a Canadian environmentalist, David Suzuki, as moderator.  The fossil fuel industry proposed another individual not acceptable to Young. So that “discussion” did not take place.

Young’s concert tour objective was to raise money to help cover the legal expenses of a court challenge by the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation (ACFN) to regulatory approval of the expansion of the Jackpine tar sands mine, a Shell Canada site upstream from the First Nation.

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Hold the date of May 6, 2012!

We are running out of time to stop all of the worst case scenarios associated with climate change from becoming reality.  Experts tell us that there exists a tipping point: a point after which we will be helpless to stop rising global temperatures and all the related disastrous consequences.  This is called “runaway” climate change, … Read more

Blog Action Day: We Need a Sea-Change

October 15, 2010, is Blog Action Day.  The world’s bloggers are uniting by each posting today on a set topic of global relevance.  This year, the topic is water.  Water can devastate through abundance and through scarcity.  The millions of families who lost their homes and loved ones in the recent floods that swept across Pakistan, and … Read more

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