Voters who ignore newspaper commentary?

Do Climate Deniers /Conservative Party supporters read newspapers?  Do they regard climate change news as “Fake news”?  or would they rather forget about the subject altogether!? The Globe & Mail Energy reporter, Shawn McCarthy, wrote a column about Climate Change in this Saturday’s edition under the headline “Taking stock after a summer of fire, heat … Read more

Wildfires in BC – Margaret Wente’s assessment!

In the August 31, 2018 edition of the Glove and Mail, Margaret Wente suggests that linking of forest fires with climate change is rhetorical.  Or, as she put it:  ” The rhetoric matches the images”, a reference to the many photos of burning forests and communities impacted wildfires. As an example of rhetoric, she quoted … Read more

Wild Fires: 2016, 2017 and 2018! Have we seen the worst?

In 2016 a forest fire ravaged Fort McMurray. In 2017 smoke from a record number of BC forest fires triggered an air quality advisory of record length In 2018 a new record number of forest fires (emphasis added) overwhelmed BC’s current infrastructure for fighting fires. These 2018 fires, which in many instances remain out of … Read more

Ontario marks time!

Ontario is pausing efforts to reduce GHG emissions, the key to limiting climate change.  Since its election Ontario’s new Conservative Government has: Abolished the “cap and trade” infrastructure that will reduce GHG emissions in time to meet Ontario’s reduction targets Promised to replace “cap and trade” “by a series of measures, including regulations, .  . … Read more