Help Wanted in the fight against Climate Change

We are asking if and how you want to be more involved with climate action through For Our Grandchildren. At present, our somewhat fluid organizing committee of about 12 members includes Trish Campbell, Kate Grierson, Guy Hanchet, John Harnett, Jan Laurie, Connie McCracken, Drew Monkman, David and Patricia Morton, Linda and Alan Slavin, and Steve … Read more

2020 PYE School Board Emergency Forum

On Monday, January 13, Peterborough high-school students organized a public workshop to ask the school boards to declare a Climate Emergency and introduce more climate-change science into the curriculum. Sixty people were in attendance at the Knights of Columbus Hall on Frank St., including students, members of the school boards, teachers, parents, and others. The … Read more

Canada Day Parade

As is customary the local Council of Canadians chapter organized a slot for the various environmental and social justice activist groups in Peterborough. For Our Grandchildren participated along with Peterborough Alliance for Climate Action, the local EV Society, and many more. On a beautiful, sunny day we sang Do It Now about 1,000 times accompanied … Read more

Green New Deal Town Hall in Peterborough

On Thursday evening excited Peterborough-area voters joined other concerned Canadians from more than 150 communities across Canada holding town hall meetings on a Green New Deal to respond to the societal, economic and environmental disruption coming with the climate emergency. The Canadian Green New Deal, similar in principle to the one being discussed in the … Read more

A Post Script to “The biggest Merchant of Doubt”

As reported in our March 18th blog (The Biggest Merchant of Doubt), Exxon Mobil asked the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for permission to bar a shareholder resolution sponsored by two large pension funds.  The resolution would have required Exxon to set emissions targets aligned with “greenhouse gas reduction goals established by the Paris … Read more

La Déclaration des Grand-Parents internationals.

La déclaration : Les Grands-Parents préoccupés lancent un appel en faveur du climat Ensemble, les Mouvements Pour nos petits-enfants (4RG, Canada) et Campagne des grands-parents pour le climat  (GCC, Norvège) ont élaboré une « Déclaration destinée aux responsables politiques nationaux et internationaux de la part des grands-Parents préoccupés – unis pour un futur durable en faveur de … Read more

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