4RG Presentation on Bill 165

On Tuesday, April 9, I presented to the Standing Committee on the Interior in opposition to Bill 165. On behalf of For Our Grandchildren, I explained why Ontario should allow the Ontario Energy Board’s ruling which cancels subsidies to Enbridge to stand. While 4RG is motivated to protect the climate by reducing carbon pollution, we … Read more

Fossil Fools Day Protest

On Saturday 4RG joined a national day of protest against RBC’s continued investment in fossil fuel infrastructure. Here are some photos we took at the event and coverage of the event in the Peterborough Examiner. https://thepeterboroughexaminer.pressreader.com/article/281505051247334 https://www.thepeterboroughexaminer.com/news/peterborough-region/peterborough-protesters-target-rbc-during-fossil-fools-day/article_df0a1380-8950-5a07-aabe-2dd6e5c714e1.html

YLS Imagines Peterborough in 2044

Peterborough’s Youth Leadership in Sustainability (YLS) class has prepared two minute video vignettes, describing the fabulous city they live in in 2044, after 20 years of ambitious and creative action by the City – all initiating from the progressive work the City did on their 2024 Climate Action Plan Update. Their videos were presented at … Read more

Investing in Solar

Connie McKracken, a stalwart pioneer of For Our Grandchildren, has long dreamed of getting solar panels on her home. Read how she and her husband, Dave recently turned their home in Peterborough into a solar-powered generator.

An Onion, a Dandelion, a Loon, and a Magazine

The Transition Town Peterborough Story and Legacy By Cheryl Lyon What do a purple onion, a loon, a dandelion and a magazine have in common? And what possible role could they play in surviving the climate crisis? Sometime around 2011, grandfather and corporate world retiree Fred Irwin brought his business experience, boundless energy, and training … Read more