An Onion, a Dandelion, a Loon, and a Magazine

The Transition Town Peterborough Story and Legacy By Cheryl Lyon What do a purple onion, a loon, a dandelion and a magazine have in common? And what possible role could they play in surviving the climate crisis? Sometime around 2011, grandfather and corporate world retiree Fred Irwin brought his business experience, boundless energy, and training … Read more

Message to MPP Smith – Save the Catchacoma Forest and Preserve the Green Belt

On November 6 a delegation of 10 intrepid 4RG members brought to Dave Smith MPP for Peterborough the following message: Save the Catchacoma Old-Growth Forest The 662-hectare Catchacoma Forest is the largest known old-growth hemlock forest in Canada, and a habitat for several endangered species with other, important ecological values. Not least of these is … Read more

Selwyn Home Energy Expo

Around 100 people attended the Home Energy Expo at the Bridgenorth Community Centre on Saturday, October 28. In the main exhibit hall people were able to ask questions of contractors who are in the business of installing heat pumps, Energy Advisors who are key in applying for various government grants, as well as Ask Me … Read more

Home Conversion: Ray Scott

Ray and Lois Scott live in west-end Peterborough in a suburban home. There is a front garden with beautiful hydrangeas still blossoming, but other than that it is similar to all the other homes on the attractive, tree-lined street. However, inside there is a fundamental difference; it is an innovative, top-of-the-line, electrically powered home that … Read more

Ride 4 the Grandchildren

At 3:00 am on Saturday morning Glen Caradus and Nick Ormond set out on a 280 km bike ride through the countryside north of Peterborough. Their mission – to raise awareness of the climate crisis and to raise funds for For Our Grandchildren. The early part of their ride under the light of a full … Read more

End Fossil Fuels – September 2023

On Friday, September 15, about 150 people met in front of city hall as the Peterborough part of a global event to urge leaders to wean the world off fossil fuels as quickly as possible. This was part of a global day of action in which 600 thousand people took part in more than 700 … Read more

50 Million Trees

If you have a plot of open land (minimum ½ acre), why not plant some trees? Forests Ontario’s 50 Million Tree Program will assist financially by contributing up to 90% of the total project cost. A member of For Our Grandchildren, Richard Peachey, registered with the program in the spring of 2022 to plant trees … Read more