Why some Canadians don’t worry about Climate Change

4RG has on several occasions pointed out that public attitudes towards climate change are different as between Europe and North America. Standard & Poors is a credit agency that assesses the financial stability of governments, banks, corporations, insurers etc.   A recent report from S & P on Sovereign Risk throws some light why there should … Read more

Reactions to the Papal Encyclical!

US Republicans criticised the Pope for not sticking to his job, for giving advice on economic policy, and failing to leave science to the scientists. Democrats supported the Encyclical.  President Obama deeply admired “the Pope’s decision to make the case – clearly, powerfully, and with the full moral authority of his position – for action … Read more

Like listening to a conversation!

“Being at the Forum was like listening to a conversation that you wanted to hear.”  That unique description by a member of the audience describes what took place at “Faith and Our Climate – Uniting Generations”. Professor Dennis O’Hara took slightly more than ten minutes to identify the salient points of the recent (June 18, … Read more

The Encyclical: a path to the future!

The reaction to the Papal Encyclical “Praise Be” among Republican politicians confirms what we had suspected.  These politicians have staked their political future on fighting legislative measures to limit climate change. Republican Presidential candidates recognize that the Democrats have a lock on US public opinion that supports climate change measures.  So their only chance of … Read more

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