End Fossil Fuels – September 2023

On Friday, September 15, about 150 people met in front of city hall as the Peterborough part of a global event to urge leaders to wean the world off fossil fuels as quickly as possible. This was part of a global day of action in which 600 thousand people took part in more than 700 … Read more

Forest Fires – Talk about Climate Change

We have a huge OPPORTUNITY right now to talk about the climate crisis and perhaps raise awareness levels of what humanity is up against. When the topic of the choking smoke comes up, remind the person of why this is happening: human-caused climate change. All you need to say is something like, “I’ve never been … Read more

RBC Fossil Fools Day

About 60 concerned climate change activists gathered outside RBC’s branch on Chemong Road in North End Peterborough to protest its investments in fossil fuel industries. “RBC is one of the largest funders of fossil fuel projects in the country, and plans to continue to be so into the future. This is unacceptable, as we are … Read more

Selwyn asked to explore green alternatives

BY VANESSA STARK Originally published in the Lakefield Herald on March 31, 2023. Reproduced here with permission. A local resident is advocating for more information on alternative heating options for Selwyn homeowners. Guy Hanchet of Lakefield headed a delegation at Selwyn Council on Tuesday afternoon on behalf of an organization called For Our Grandchildren. During … Read more

Trees for the Climate

On a beautiful Saturday people who had requested a free tree to rebuild the urban canopy joined with 10 environmental groups for a day of fun learning about the importance of trees. In collaboration with For Our Grandchildren (4RG), partner organizations for the event included GreenUP’s Ecology Park, The Sacred Water Circle, Otonabee Region Conservation … Read more

Electrify Everything

More and more people are becoming more and more concerned about the impacts of the climate catastrophe that are looming in our short term future. You have heard that we need to transition away from burning fossil fuels such as gas, oil, and coal. You may have heard that we need to decarbonise. But just … Read more

Peterborough County Addresses Climate Emergency with Concrete Actions

On September 23, county staff presented their report with recommendations for actions to address the climate crisis. The report was in response to a June 24th presentation by For Our Grandchildren and Peterborough Youth Empowerment which requested council to acknowledge the climate emergency and to take concrete action in the area to address it. The … Read more