The end of one battle and the beginning of the next!  

Approval of Keystone would have been a great setback.  So 4RG appreciates the support of the campaign against Keystone from other countries, particularly from Norwegian grandparents. Yet there is much more to be done.  If the next US President is a Republican, the rejection of Keystone could be overturned So President Obama’s rejection of Keystone … Read more

More Bad news for the oil patch!

Earlier this year we noted that Saudi Arabia was acting like any business – maximizing its production and revenues as against other large oil-exportering nations. In advance of the 2015 December meeting of OPEC (Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries), Saudi confirmed that it will not scale back its production.  Saudi has noted that its … Read more

Finally – the right outcome!

President Obama has rejected the application of Trans Canada Pipeline to approve Keystone.  Simply put, the President accepted the opinion of the US State Department that approval would not be in the national interest. Strategically the decision was perfectly timed.  The US economy is on a tear and unemployment has dropped below 5%.  So the … Read more

A Climate Change Skirmish

Linda McQuaig, the NDP candidate for the riding of Toronto Center, said that if Canada is to meet its climate change targets, “a lot of the oil sands oil may have to stay in the ground.” Stephen Harper immediately responded by accusing the NDP of having a “not-so-hidden” agenda against the development of Canada’s natural … Read more

Council of the Federation to meet in Ottawa

What is the Council of the Federation all about?  Right now the Council is the best hope for progress by Canada on the Climate Change Front. Here is our letter to Premier Kathleen Wynne of Ontario.  As a Provincial Premier she is a member of the Council.  She and Glen Murray, Ontario Minister of the Environment … Read more

The first week at Lima.

From here it appears that COP 20 at Lima has been so far more nuts and bolts than high level pronouncements.  That may change this coming week as country delegates tackle two significant issues:  what information countries must provide to support their further pledges for lower emission targets for the period 2020-2025, and formulation of … Read more

A small news item . . .  that impacts Canada!

Today (December 4th) the Globe carried a story from Brussels that suggests Canada is not that popular with EU Legislators. The subject: a recent European Executive decision rescinding the application of the EU Fuel Directive to tar sands oil.  A Committee of the European Parliament restored the Directive, a decision that must be confirmed by … Read more

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