Lima COP 20 Day One

Lima is one of the most beautiful capitals in South America.  History is around the corner of every street.  The physical setting is splendid. But those marvellous qualities will not count when delegates of Kyoto countries gather to prepare the road to a new climate change convention to be concluded at Paris in December 2015. … Read more

Lima – COP 20 – setting the stage for climate progress

The UN-Sponsored Conference of the Parties will commence deliberations at Lima, Peru today. There is a certain optimisim that there will be progress at this Conference.  Is that realistic, given the lack of progress up to now towards meeting reduction goals? There are several hoped-for results.  One is the development of a consensus on emissions … Read more

People’s Climate March

People everywhere!

People on Central Park Avenue, a broad street on the West Side of New York’s Central Park. People on side streets where organizations participating in the March were forming up. People on the Avenue sidewalks, moving slowly among the throngs trying to make their way north or south to join up with their organization.

A mass of people walking slowly shoulder-to-shoulder as the parade moved off.  The large video screen at Columbus Circle showing people everywhere, including many miles to the North where the crowd was densest.

People of all ages: 9 months to 90 years, happy to be participating!  Happy to be showing where they stood for the benefit of country leaders gathering at the UN Climate Change Summit the following Tuesday.

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