Parachutes for the Planet

Laura Sacks, a colleague from Citizens Climate Lobby Canada, sent me an invitation to participate in a wonderful initiative called Parachutes for the Planet. It allows people to express their hopes and  worries for the planet through art. Here is some of what Laura wrote on her blog to tell why it resonated with her. Each Parachute … Read more

Traffic on city backdrop

We can reduce our personal greenhouse gases

This article appeared recently in the Peterborough Examiner. It points out that as individuals, our primary influence is over the almost 70 per cent of greenhouse gases that come from just residential heating and transportation, mostly automotive. It gives many suggestions how we, as individuals, can reduce these emissions by our own actions. Some of … Read more

What Peterborough, Ontario can learn from Karlstad, Sweden

In a series of three articles published recently in the Peterborough Examiner, Paul Sobanski and Al Slavin compare Karlstad, Sweden, with Peterborough, Ontario with a particular focus on the differences in their success in reducing carbon dioxide emissions. Sweden and Canada share a northern climate, a love of hockey and a strong cultural identification with … Read more

Grieving for the World

On Tuesday night we met with the Peterborough Leap group to honour our grief from the loss we all feel caused by Climate Change. We shared our feelings in small groups and found some solace in the knowledge that we are not alone. Emotions ranged from sadness to anger and futility. Some cannot really accept … Read more

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