Peterborough Passes Tree Bylaw

GREAT NEWS! The city of Peterborough has passed a new and comprehensive TREE BYLAW to protect the city’s rapidly diminishing urban tree canopy. The bylaw passed unanimously, and in full, on May 25th, and was the product of a forward thinking city staff, and a great deal of research, emailing, campaigning, and presenting by 4RG’s … Read more

The US Courts at an Impasse

In January 2016, 4RG commented on a lawsuit initiated by the Children’s Trusts (The Trust) to protect the rights of children against the future impacts of climate change. The Trust submitted two reasons why the Federal court should issue an order against the Government of the United States. The Government had over many years supported … Read more

PC Shadow Cabinet for Environment

In the previous Federal Parliament, Ed Fast was the member of the Conservative shadow cabinet with responsibility for Environment and Climate Change. In the November Federal election, Fast was re-elected for the riding of Abbottsford.  Although the Conservatives elected more members of Parliament, the Liberals won enough seats to form a minority government. Fast and … Read more

Open Letter to PM Trudeau

This letter addressed to Prime Minister Trudeau and copied to other prominent federal politicians came to my attention yesterday. The author has given 4RG permission to publish it. Re: Creation of an All Party Climate Emergency Cabinet Dear Prime Minister Trudeau, Congratulations on your re-election as the leader of our incredible country! With your newly … Read more

4RG Peterborough Climate Actions

We were assessing actions taken so far in 4RG in 2019, mostly in collaboration with other groups in Peterborough. It’s quite a list, and the year is not over yet. January: Climate Change mitigation proposal to City Council. Result motion to include Climate Change in all decisions, and create a tax-deductible fund for  Climate Change … Read more

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