The Reality of Strong! Proud! Free! Today

Many commentators have noted that the Federal Government relies heavily on the control of information.  Consistently with this control, the Federal Government refused to disclose the 147 page Treasury Board submission on advertizing that would undoubtedly shed light on the slogan Strong!  Proud!  Free!, the subject of comments in our last blog. So where is … Read more

Strong! Proud! Free!

Have you noticed how frequently these words appeared in Federal Government TV advertisements over the last three years?    Did you ever get curious why these words were used?  For example, in connection with Government policy on the development of the tar sands to create jobs? Well, unless you are around in 20 years time you … Read more

A Necessary but Unfortunate Ambiguity

In a previous blog (“Having your cake and eating it too”,) we suggested that the Council of the Federation, i.e. the Provincial Premiers, would support pipelines allowing Alberta crude to get to new markets. Earlier this year, Premier Rachel Notley supported the development of the tar sands.  At her first Council meeting, she was diplomatic … Read more

Having your cake and Eating it too!

Provincial Premiers meeting today as the Council of the Federation hope to hammer out a national energy strategy. According to a leaked draft report the Premiers are considering a policy that favours pipelines and their supporting infrastructure to deliver Alberta crude (including Tar Sands bitumen) to international markets. A necessary consequence of a pro-pipeline strategy  is that … Read more

Harper and “Aspirational Targets”

Our spell checker stumbled over the adjective (?) “aspirational” used by Stephen Harper when referring to emission targets agreed on at the G7 meeting. So we went to the root words:  “aspire” and  “aspiration”.  Here is what we found:  aspire (intransitive verb) 1. Have particular ambition to seek to attain a goal.” aspiration  (noun)  1. … Read more

Wynne puts it on the line!

4RG supporters are challenged as to their personal motivation for pushing measures to combat  climate change.   Or about their views on the cause of climate change.  Or why there is a utility in taking steps to reduce GHG emissions. The answer to the first challenge is not difficult, and for this blog we will ignore … Read more

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