Will Canada ever respect GHG targets?

B.C. Premier Christy Clark wishes to establish LNG plants in British Columbia, tapping into reserves of natural gas in that Province and possibly in the neighbouring province of Alberta.  Her problem is that LNG generating plants are sources of Greenhouse gases.  The contemplated plants would probably make it impossible for BC to meet its 2020 emission targets.

Her solution: reduce the BC target.

Her rationalization:  China will import the LNG, which it will use to replace coal as the energy for electricity generation.

The happy result:  overall China’s Greenhouse Gas emissions will be reduced.

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Nobody’s speaking! Nobody’s listening!

The 2012 US Presidential election campaign has seen a few surprises.  Instead of being a walkover, it appears to be a close race. Governor Romney is emphasizing the economy: are you better or worse off than in November 2008?   President Obama appeals to his experience as “Commander in Chief”, to use the US political tag. … Read more

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