What we have been saying all along!

A recent ForourGrandchildren blog concluded: “Future increases in temperature can vary significantly, depending principally upon our success in reducing GHG emissions today and in the future.” Nathan Myhrvold of Intellectual Ventures and Ken Caldeira of the Carnegie Institution calculated the expected climate effects of replacing the world’s supply of electricity from coal plants with any of … Read more

An Interview with Canada’s Minister of Natural Resources

Anthony Ketchum, a founder of ForourGrandchildren, and two other Eglinton –Lawrence voters, recently met Joe Oliver, the Minister for Natural Resources.  Oliver, who has grandchildren, spoke at length about how he got into politics. He defended the government’s measures against certain charitable organizations committed to the issue of climate change,  but recognized that there are … Read more

Who Says the Science is Settled

Andrew Bolt, an Australian commentator whose words appeared in the Herald Sun, headlined his commentary on the research of Qing-Bin Lu, a Waterloo University Professor of Physics and Astronomy with these words.  Mr. Bolt has written even more scathing remarks about those who consider climate change a risk to the Earth.  Another of his columns was … Read more

Entering a New World

This month’s feature is an adapted excerpt from Chapter 1 of Lester R. Brown’s “Entering a New World, Plan B 3.0: Mobilizing to Save Civilization”.  The full text is available for free downloading or purchase here.

More information about the highly influential author is available here.

Nearly all of the 80 million people being added to world population each year are born in countries where natural support systems are already deteriorating in the face of excessive population pressure, in the countries least able to support them. In these countries, the risk of state failure is growing.

Read moreEntering a New World

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