A Government that is not serious about Climate Change

After winning the 2018 election, the Ontario Conservative Party acted quickly in setting aside climate change legislation and mitigation measures.    To make sure that voters got its message, the Conservative Government eliminated the words “climate change” from the title of the Ontario Ministry of  the Environment and Climate Change – re-naming it as the … Read more

Understanding our Personal Greenhouse Gases

Here are some basic facts about energy and energy usage on a personal level as applied here in Ontario. Definitions: watt (W): Energy per second (“power”) used by an electrical device. kilowatt (kW): 1000 watts. To get the total energy used, multiply by the number of hours the device is on. kilowatt-hour (kWh): Energy use … Read more

Faith in Technology

Frequently we read commentary of the sort: “Yes, global warming is occurring.  But humans have proven themselves capable of developing technology to counter physical threats such as climate change.” The element of faith in this statement is amazing.  Because in the past technology has overcome problems we need not fear the future. James Hansen has … Read more

Academic Report on the tar sands

  Three years ago, the Harper Government requested the Council of Canadian Academies to assess how technology could reduce the environmental impact of oil-sands production, projected to more than double by 2030. A Council Panel very recently released its report. It concluded that fossil fuel companies working the tar sands needed to take urgent action … Read more

Cyber Abuse

From time to time I read comments by Denialists on climate change articles.  Many of these comments use threatening language, or include personal attacks, and often make no attempt to rebut statements in the article. I have often wondered:  are these persons cyber-bullies working off their anger by their incendiary commentary?  Or are they aiming to intimidate … Read more

SmartTrack: Make it work!

Torontonians know all about traffic congestion.  Commuters from the suburbs have their own personal horror stories about being stuck in traffic. The previous City Council toyed with improving with public transit.  Not that there was an indifference to the need.  As much as anything the confrontational atmosphere in that Council made assessment of the merits … Read more