Trees for the Climate

On a beautiful Saturday people who had requested a free tree to rebuild the urban canopy joined with 10 environmental groups for a day of fun learning about the importance of trees. In collaboration with For Our Grandchildren (4RG), partner organizations for the event included GreenUP’s Ecology Park, The Sacred Water Circle, Otonabee Region Conservation … Read more

Peterborough Heat Wave – Summer 2020

As of August 24, according to Environment Canada (Peterborough Trent U station we’ve had 35 days above 30°C. This is well above the previous record of 30 days set in 2016, and we still have the rest of August. This is NOT normal. This is 5 times greater than the yearly average of 6.3 … Read more

Canada declines to set ambitious climate change target

Stephen Harper is moaning over the costs of reducing Canada’s GHG emissions to match post- 2020 targets that the US has accepted! Unfortunately the costs of further reducing our emissions are higher than costs in the US. Much of the additional costs are the consequence of our government’s delay in tackling GHG emissions. Our Government … Read more

The Coal lobby goes to Rome!

The tactics are obvious.  Acting through its facade, the Heartland Institute, the American coal lobby will counter today’s Vatican Summit on Climate Change not on its merits, but simply by creating media noise. With participation by the same very small  group of scientists and commentators,  the Heartland Institute is sponsoring its own Forum to be … Read more

Aligning Canada’s ambition

As required by the Kyoto Protocol Russia recently delivered its formal statement  on future GHG emissions.  Essentially Russia told the UN Secretariat that it would do nothing to curb emissions until 2030. Russia expects a free ride over those intervening years Canada must also advise the Secretariat of its targets for reduced emissions.  According to … Read more

An era is ending?

We want to share with our supporters some hopeful news, and some not quite so hopeful.   The hopeful news suggests the era when we depend on fossil fuels for energy is coming to an end. First to Norway.  Statoil’s Chief Executive, Eldar Saetre, told a meeting of senior industry executives that the industry cannot ignore … Read more

A one-line blog that says it all!

We have to thank the Edmonton Journal for the ultimate description of Canada’s record in cutting GHG emissions: “Though our icefields are melting fast, our action on climate change has been glacial.”   If you want to see what this glacier looked like 90 years ago, click to see this Edmonton Journal commentary and photo.

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