Art and Climate Change

We have all seen telephone or utility poles to which countless advertisements, announcements and “for sale” notices have been pinned, stapled or pasted.  Their messages are for the present, and we expect them to deteriorate or to be papered over in short order.  But what do we make of it when an artist chooses these … Read more

Alternative energy sources: an eye opener!

If you read my blog posting “Climate Change Law and Politics”, you have probably also read the comment of Keith Cleveland of Ripley, Ontario. He points out that there is a “catch 22” to the use of wind power as an alternative source of energy.  His comments on harnessing wind power, an important technology for … Read more

Apathy? Ignorance? Indifference? Realism? Fatalism?

I encourage everyone to read Sandeep Kembhavi’s comment of October 18th last on a previous ForourGrandchildren Blog “A Layman’s problem in Assessing Climate Change”.  His remarks bring to mind a recent experience when my wife and I were hiking in Switzerland this fall.  We went to Jungfraujoch, the highest railway station in Europe, located just … Read more

10/10/10 Wrap-Up

October 10, 2010 was the Global Work Party: A Day To Celebrate Climate Solutions, coordinated by  Over 7,000 communities in 188 countries united by participating in locally-organized, grassroots climate change projects.  ForOurGrandchildren was amongst them (see the below post to learn more about our simple, very accessible project).  Please click the image below to … Read more


The below is a letter from Anthony Ketchum, Mary Ketchum, and Sandi Trillo to local Torontonians.  This is an example of the type of demonstrations that ForOurGrandchildren endorse in support of the powerful 10/10/10 initiative of  Visit their website now, or read on for full details, and please submit your comments for actions you would … Read more

A Dose of Climate Reality

9/15/2010, University of Toronto: A Conversation with Dr. James Hansen, Naomi Klein & Clayton Thomas-Muller On September 15, 2010, several of the leading minds on climate justice issues treated the Toronto public to a free event at which they shared their insights. The Science of Climate Change, by Dr. James Hansen Held at the MacMillan … Read more

Climate Change and Guerilla Theatre!

To say the least, the US Chamber of Commerce has not been sympathetic to the US government’s response to climate change. At one stage the Chamber proposed that the science that supports concerns over climate change be “put on trial”. The Chamber later explained that this proposal was not directed to the climate science generally … Read more

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