Carbon Offsets

Approximately 18 months ago 4RG reviewed web-based carbon offsets for airline passengers.  These offsets enable a passenger to “purchase” financial assistance for projects to reduce GreenHouse gas emissions equivalent to each passengers’s share of carbon emissions from the aircraft during the trip. In this way a passenger’s air flight has a net zero carbon footprint.

As we are about to leave on another international air trip (the Far East via Bombay) an update on carbon offsets is timely.

Since May 2007 the Air Canada Website has a page that allows purchase of carbon offsets.   As of September 2010 Air Canada passengers had paid $263, 042 for these offsets, or nearly $90,000 per year.  Approximately three years later the payments had risen to $306,866, an increase of approximately $13,000 per year.  Clearly offsets are declining in popularity.

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Green v. Ungreen

If this were a boxing match the Referee would announce: “In that corner, smoking a cigar and clutching a money bag, is the overweight representative of corporate greed, North America. In the other corner, wearing green tights and matching singlet, with a cap sporting green feathers, is the representative of environmental sanity, the European Union. … Read more

Airbus yells “Ouch!!”

What to do when your National Airline has protested European Union Emissions Regulations, but gets nowhere.  China knows.  It is through with  speaking softly.  It has just hauled out a very big stick with which to cudgel European politicians into a more accommodating stance. The Government of China advised Airbus, the world’s leading manufacturer of … Read more

Restricting CO2 emissions: the story of three different industries.

Certain industry associations have proposed that their members adopt technical improvements and new business practices that will restrict carbon emissions.  These associations recognize that if their members don’t take effective steps to limit carbon emissions they may be subject to a carbon tax or a compulsory scheme restricting the amount of CO2 that they can emit in … Read more

European regulations on GHG emissions confront US policy.

A trade war may be about to start between the US and the European Union.  The casus belli, or cause of this war, is the European Union’s efforts to rein in Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions, the principal factor in global warming.  We know from the EU’s efforts at Durban that Europe is serious in fighting … Read more

The Wild West of Green House Gas emissions

The Wild West was reputed to be an area of lawlessness. So I have used the term in this blog to refer to large Green House Gas (GHG) emissions not subject to any laws or regulation, and not included in national emission totals. These are the emissions created by international air traffic. Although large, these … Read more

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