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We have to thank the Edmonton Journal for the ultimate description of Canada’s record in cutting GHG emissions: “Though our icefields are melting fast, our action on climate change has been glacial.”   If you want to see what this glacier looked like 90 years ago, click to see this Edmonton Journal commentary and photo.

Alberta: the key to meeting Canada’s GHG Targets

Over five years ago a Federal Conservative Cabinet minister attempted to convince the Alberta Government to  set a price on carbon by joining a national system for cap and trade. At the time Alberta had an internal cap and trade system  for large emitters. The Alberta Government considered that any national cap-and-trade system  would potentially limit … Read more

Support for a Carbon Tax

The  2008 election rejected the Liberal party that campaigned on the promise to levy a carbon tax that would reduce Canada’s carbon footprint.   Since then Carbon Tax has been below the political radar, but  a short while ago 4RG sensed that the subject was ready for polite society.   Our blog pointed out developments in the … Read more

Fairness as between Provinces in the Canadian Confederation

We write this blog hoping that the citizens of Alberta can appreciate that exploitation of the tar sands leads to an inequitable distribution of responsibility for reducing GHG emissions among provinces.

In the January 5th, 2014 edition of the Vancouver Observer, Barry Saxifrage comments on a global energy report by ExxonMobil (“The Outlook for Energy: a view to 2040”).

“Amazingly, ExxonMobil’s emissions projections aren’t a ‘business-as-usual’ scenario.

They assume ‘that governments will continue to gradually adopt a wide variety of more stringent policies to help stem GHG emissions.’ This includes a carbon price rising to $80 per tonne of CO2 (tCO2) in OECD nations, like Canada and the USA. A carbon price of $80 is much too low to prevent climate disaster according to ExxonMobil. And yet it is also far above what we have the political will for so far.

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Fossil fuel industry Likes and Dislikes

Certainly the fossil fuel industry does not like government regulation.  As the industry seeks the highest rate of return on investment, this concern is understandable.  The costs of regulation are not calculable in any reliable way until the industry has experienced their practical effect.  By then, it is politically very difficult for a Government to … Read more

Albertans at their best!

What?  In the downtown center of Calgary?  Who would ever have expected a flood of such dimensions to hit this Canadian City as happened two days ago?   What an eerie experience! Listening to the noise of the torrential current in Cougar Creek, Canmore, Alberta start the Friday morning broadcast of the CBC‘s show “The Current”.

The most positive thing to come out of such a disaster is the community spirit that has sustained so many Albertans who have lost everything, or almost everything.

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