Tar sands spills. Take time to write this letter!

We are still trying to obtain information regarding potentially toxic spills from the Tar Sands operations.  Now our concern extends to another spill from Suncor two years ago that was not made public until very recently.

We invite visitors to the 4RG Site to send a letter to Diana McQueen, the Alberta Minister of the Environment and Sustainable Resource Development pointing out that you and other concerned Canadians need more information before you will accept excuses for this spill.

You may wish to use the following text as a model for our letter.

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“We don’t go along to get along”!

“We don’t go along to get along”! Those were the words used by Canada’s Prime Minister to explain why Canada took the bold step of withdrawing from the Kyoto Treaty on Climate Change. Canada took a calculated risk in departing from  the  policy of “nice guy” diplomacy practiced ever since the United Nations was founded … Read more

A Simple Fact about the Tar Sands!

The tar sands (referred to as “oil sands” by the petroleum industry) are a thick mixture of bitumen and sand/clay.  This mixture is extracted from beneath forests covering over 140,000 square kilometres of North-Eastern Alberta, an area roughly the size of Scotland. For more about the Tar Sands we recommend these recent commentaries: Storm Trooper from … Read more

Albertans Reject Denialism!

ForourGrandchildren will leave the analysis of the suprising results of the Alberta election to the political pundits.  We want to share some media comments on how the stand of the Wildrose Party on climate change influenced Alberta voters: Globe and Mail Editorial “The (Wildrose party) was hurt by the revelation that Ms. Smith (Party Leader) … Read more

Climate Change – Is Alberta Oklahoma North?

In his April 20, 2012 column in the Globe & Mail, Jeffrey Simpson worried that Canada will have its first influential politician who does not accept the reality of climate change. His concern is that Danielle Smith, the leader of the Wildrose Party, will be the next Premier of Alberta.  Ms. Smith has repeatedly said that … Read more

Resource Curse or Dutch Disease aka “Petrodollars”

 Many discussions of the impact of oil discovery and exploitation focus on the Dutch Disease. Simply put, the economic benefits of a large oil discovery may be muted by the repercussions that can impact an economy. For example, the production of oil may attract domestic resources, such as finance and labour, with a consequent negative … Read more

Alberta Bets on Boom with Big-Spending Budget.

So reads the headline on the front section of the Friday, February 10th edition of the Globe and Mail.  “The provincial budget, released a day after census data showing hundreds of thousands of people have flocked to energy rich Alberta, accentuates the widening gulf between the West and the rest of Canada, a sign of … Read more

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