Does it matter?

Our previous two blogs referred to proceedings occurring in a quiet sedate place where news media do not penetrate: the Canadian Senate. The Senate Standing Committee on Energy, the Environment and Natural Resources has been conducting hearings on climate change, renewable energy and related issues. At these hearings “Climategate” surfaced – once again!   “Scientific witnesses” … Read more

Denialists v. Scientific Consensus

Denialists v. Scientific Consensus Hearings of Standing Committees of the Canadian Senate are usually sedate, measured and most often free of the political histrionics that plague “the other place” (the House of Commons). With exceptions such as the Coyne affair, they are not a dramatic battlefield where ideas are tested and reputations won or lost. … Read more

An Interview with Canada’s Minister of Natural Resources

Anthony Ketchum, a founder of ForourGrandchildren, and two other Eglinton –Lawrence voters, recently met Joe Oliver, the Minister for Natural Resources.  Oliver, who has grandchildren, spoke at length about how he got into politics. He defended the government’s measures against certain charitable organizations committed to the issue of climate change,  but recognized that there are … Read more

“Spin” that will make you dizzy!

The headline to the lead story in the Globe & Mail (Tuesday, February-21-12) reads: “Science rides to the aid of oil sands”. This Thursday the European Union will vote on a Directive that attributes a higher carbon rating to tar sands oil than conventional oil.  A higher carbon rating means that carriers using tar sands … Read more

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