Climate Change Competition: a vision of a post carbon world.

For Our Grandchildren and Earth Day Canada are asking students to work in groups to articulate a vision of their future in a post carbon world. Imagine – the date is 2050 and it is an average day in the life of you, now a group of middle-aged people.  What does this day look since … Read more

The Grandparents Generation is changing!

A friend sent my wife and me a poem on the occasion of our first grandchild – many years ago.  One verse read: “Grandmothers don’t have to do anything except be there: They’re old so they shouldn’t play hard or run. If they take us for walks they slow down past things like pretty leaves … Read more

The latest Grinch: Climate Change

Unless you live in Kenora, or Yellowknife, or a similar northern city, a white Christmas is a diminishing possibility.  With continued planetary warming, it will soon be on the endangered event list. A white Christmas is part of our national Canadian psyche. Although we complain about winter or go south to avoid it, it is … Read more

Gilbert and Sullivan on Canada’s climate leadership!

As did many grandparents, I grew up with Gilbert & Sullivan operettas.  Regrettably these charming musical and literary offerings are the now preserve of traditionalists.  But they still have a message for our times.

I sang – not very well and so not very loudly – in the chorus of “The Gondoliers”.  One of the leading characters in the Gondoliers was a regimental commander, the Duke of Plaza-Toro. (For Gilbert & Sullivan diehards go to YouTube to appreciate the Duke at his finest!)

The recent performance of Canada at COP19 reminded me of the Duke.

Read more

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