The Silver Lining (?) to drought!

Our latest blog expressed admiration for Australians.  As a people they demonstrate remarkable resilience.    Despite their independent outlook on life, they are prepared where necessary to change their behaviour for the common good. Their attitude towards water conservation is a good example. To find out more about climate change issues “down under” go to these links: Australian Update … Read more

You have to admire Australians!

We watched one of the episodes of a TV Series entitled “I have seen the earth change” that commented on the 2006-07 drought experienced in the farming communities of New South Wales, Australia. Two things impressed us:  the resilience of the surviving farmers, to whom drought went “with the territory”. The hardship of drought was … Read more

Australian Update

First the good news: finally there is something positive to write about. Go to our blog “Climate Change Leadership, Australian Style” where the subject was the introduction of national legislation imposing a tax on carbon emissions.  We pointed out that heretofore Australian politicians who supported action, whatever form it took,  against climate changewere committing political … Read more

Climate Change Leadership Australian Style

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard recently went on national television to declare that her Government would tax carbon emissions at $25 per ton, eventually replacing the tax by an emissions trading plan operating on the cap-and-trade principle.  As this plan would increase market prices, she also proposes an income tax reduction, arguing that this reduction … Read more

What have countries done in response to the Copenhagen Summit on Climate Change?

Other targets of greatest relevance and interest to Canada include those of China, (which has already surpassed the US as the world’s largest emitter), NAFTA partner Mexico, Australia (like Canada, a major resource exporter and carbon-intensive economy) and the EU, where Canada is engaged in comprehensive trade and investment negotiations. China, which considers itself as … Read more

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