Hold the date of May 6, 2012!

We are running out of time to stop all of the worst case scenarios associated with climate change from becoming reality.  Experts tell us that there exists a tipping point: a point after which we will be helpless to stop rising global temperatures and all the related disastrous consequences.  This is called “runaway” climate change, … Read more

Banned on the Hill!

Artist stands up to Harper Government intimidation and brings her “banned” art to the streets of Ottawa OTTAWA, November 2, 2011 – Canadian artist Franke James will open her crowd-funded, outdoor art show, Banned on the Hill in downtown Ottawa at 12:00 noon on Wednesday, November 2, 2011. Franke will give a walking tour showing … Read more

4RG joins Parliament Hill Protest

For Our Grandchildren has commented on the Alberta Tar Sands, a project that has been the subject of international criticism and protests.   Yet Prime Minister Harper promotes the extraction of bitumen from the tar sands and its exportthrough the proposed Keystone XL pipeline to the US for refining .  Harper refers to those who dispute the … Read more

Blog Action Day: We Need a Sea-Change

October 15, 2010, is Blog Action Day.  The world’s bloggers are uniting by each posting today on a set topic of global relevance.  This year, the topic is water.  Water can devastate through abundance and through scarcity.  The millions of families who lost their homes and loved ones in the recent floods that swept across Pakistan, and … Read more

Celebrate Earth Day!

Canada Earth Day is our participation in events all over the world. Using Google, search for the Earth Day Canada site, click on your province in the representation map of Canada, and your browser will bring up the many activities during the month that all relate to Earth Day. There are clean-ups, speakers, tree plantings, … Read more

Question of the Month: August 2009

Every month, a new question relating to climate change will be posted in this space.  We encourage visitors and members of this site to weigh in and post comments with your position, with the intention of cultivating an engaging debate of the issue. This month’s question is below. This December, the world leaders will meet … Read more

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