Harper:  climate change is not an election issue!

Prime Minister Harper was asked about climate change and Canada’s involvement in COP 21. Harper said simply he is optimistic that an acceptable international agreement will be reached at Paris. In that connection he noted that Canada had submitted its climate targets to the UN. “Optimistic?”:  If Prime Minister Harper had any appreciation of the … Read more

A fairy tale for our times

An Emperor engages two charlatans, who claim they are tailors, to make new robes for him. The crooks mime the actions of cutting, sewing and fitting the robes, using imaginary cloth, gold and thread. They convince the Emperor that anybody who does not admire the new robes is unfit, stupid or incompetent. As he is … Read more

Canada’s climate target is a smokescreen (Holz)

Environment Canada’s climate change page starts with a sentence so misleading that it is laughable: “ The Government of Canada supports an aggressive approach to climate change . ..” We have already commented on the half-hearted efforts  to reduce greenhouse gases put forward by Canada in its INDC submission to the UN.  Christian Holz comments … Read more

“Weaker than it looks!”

Canada has just submitted to the UNITED NATIONS its independently nationally determined contributions (INDC) to the reduction of global GHG emissions. As usual, Canada’s submission included the buzz words “ambitious targets” and “decisive action”. The submission undertakes that Canada’s 2030 emissions will be 30% below 2005 emissions, a year when our country’s emissions were close … Read more

Aligning Canada’s ambition

As required by the Kyoto Protocol Russia recently delivered its formal statement  on future GHG emissions.  Essentially Russia told the UN Secretariat that it would do nothing to curb emissions until 2030. Russia expects a free ride over those intervening years Canada must also advise the Secretariat of its targets for reduced emissions.  According to … Read more

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