Climate Change Law and Politics – One year after Copenhagen

The Cancun Conference The Copenhagen Accord acknowledged the need for a worldwide reduction in greenhouse gas emissions (GHG).    To get agreement, the Copenhagen Conference skirted issues on which there was division, such as the “developed” vs. “developing” country dispute.  The latter countries, in which China and India consider they belong, insist that countries in the … Read more

The Billion Dollar Lockdown

On June 25th next Torontonians may as well stay home and watch the World Soccer Championships (which they might well have watched at work!)  On that day the central Toronto financial district is shuttered and barred as a security measure protecting delegates to the G8/20 Summits from environmental protesters, amongst others. A coalition of North American … Read more

What have countries done in response to the Copenhagen Summit on Climate Change?

Other targets of greatest relevance and interest to Canada include those of China, (which has already surpassed the US as the world’s largest emitter), NAFTA partner Mexico, Australia (like Canada, a major resource exporter and carbon-intensive economy) and the EU, where Canada is engaged in comprehensive trade and investment negotiations. China, which considers itself as … Read more

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