A Climate Change Skirmish

Linda McQuaig, the NDP candidate for the riding of Toronto Center, said that if Canada is to meet its climate change targets, “a lot of the oil sands oil may have to stay in the ground.” Stephen Harper immediately responded by accusing the NDP of having a “not-so-hidden” agenda against the development of Canada’s natural … Read more

The Federal Election

In her speech to the Climate Summit of the Americas, Premier Kathleen Wynne set the bar for environmental organizations. “ Make climate change an issue in the next Federal elections”. Yes, but how?  That is the problem facing 4RG, a small organization of seniors. The larger environmental groups will expand their usual media activity. The … Read more

Kill the Messengers!

Kill the Messengers  is an invaluable, thoroughly researched book written by Marc Bourrie, an expert on censorship and an award-winning  journalist with decades of exposure to politics and our parliamentary system. He documents the erosion of the values and trust so many of us take for granted in Canada in our democracy. Bourrie illustrates the astonishing … Read more

An election year opinion poll.

In a recent poll by Nanos Research, a majority of Canadians ranked Canada’s performance in reducing GHG emissions as “poor” or “very poor”.  And a large majority want the Federal Government to take the lead in crafting tax policies that will cut emissions. But when it came to the question what form these taxes might … Read more

Year End Uptick for the Federal Conservatives

A “heads up” for environmentalists and Federal Opposition Parties: two Globe & Mail stories suggest the Federal Conservatives chances of re-election are improving. A front page headline read: Conservatives well ahead of the Liberals, NDP in Fundraising.   The story pointed out that with such a lead the Conservatives could advertize well before the official campaign … Read more

The most depressing sentence of the year!

The fall report of Canada’s Commissioner of the Environment released today starts with this sentence: “Within the federal government, Environment Canada is the lead department on the issue of climate change. It has primary responsibility for the current federal approach…..” In a recent blog we made some negative comments about Canada’s Federal Minister of the … Read more

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