Climate Change and Questions for NDP Leadership Candidates

From time to time Forourgrandchildren has speculated about NDP policies on climate change.  An NDP supporter, Lynn MacDonald, is the author of a challenging analysis why an impasse in Canadian politics has prevented practical steps at the Federal level to contain climate change . She has also spearheaded a movement to get the NDP Leadership candidates to … Read more

Getting Climate Change back on Canada’s political agenda!

Extracts from “The Political Impasse in Canada and the 60% Solution” The political impasse in federal politics is obvious: a majority Conservative government that 60% (actually 60.4%) of Canadians voted against. It’s the Conservatives’ third victory with under 40% of the popular vote. They are cocky now, with control of the Senate, as well, moving … Read more

Durban Day 13: Canada’s Actions Speak Louder than Canada’s words

Canada has done everything possible to scuttle the Kyoto Protocol.    Canada has criticized Kyoto for unfairness as it treats China, India and Brazil as “developing countries” that – under Kyoto – are not obligated to contribute to the Green Climate Fund, and possibly could be recipients of payments from this fund. Further, China, the second … Read more

Durban Day 11: Climate Refugees.

The coherence of Prime Minister Harper’s vision of the future is impressive.  If Canadians share that vision, he deserves their trust. Let’s take one example: the forthcoming US-Canada agreement on North American perimeter security . Under this agreement,  Canada will deliberately forego the exercise of certain sovereign powers in favour of a US – Canada … Read more

Do we have a true minister of the environment? Part 2

For Our Grandchildren received a response to their August letter to the Minister of the Environment, Peter Kent, commenting on the approval given Maxim Power to construct a 5OO-megawatt supercritical pulverized coal plant in the area of Grande Cache, Alberta. In our letter to Minister Kent we expressed our concern that this plant will emit … Read more

Do we have a true Minister of the Environment?

Isn’t a Minister of the Environment supposed to be a champion of measures that protect the environment?  And an opponent of policies and actions that create risks for our environmental welfare?  There can be difficulties with this mandate. A Minister of the Environment may find that protecting the environment leads to conflicts with other Ministers … Read more

Banned on the Hill!

Artist stands up to Harper Government intimidation and brings her “banned” art to the streets of Ottawa OTTAWA, November 2, 2011 – Canadian artist Franke James will open her crowd-funded, outdoor art show, Banned on the Hill in downtown Ottawa at 12:00 noon on Wednesday, November 2, 2011. Franke will give a walking tour showing … Read more

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