Why Canadians are so committed to the Tar Sands!

Objections, criticisms, demonstrations, non-violent protests – none of these tactics have swayed the Conservative Government, whose support of the tar sands is ferocious. No other political party has dared criticize the Government for this support.  Liberal opposition to the tar sands reached a high water mark over a year ago.  Since then the Liberals have … Read more

Is the Canadian Government honest?

Mark Jaccard is a professor of Resource and Environmental Management with Simon Fraser University, and a leading Canadian expert in the field of sustainable energy policy.  In his recent column in the Globe & Mail he stated that the Canadian Government knows it will not succeed in limiting greenhouse gas emissions as promised less than … Read more

In Memoriam: Jack Layton

Jack Layton stands out as the Canadian politician who has done the most to place the issue of climate change before Canadian voters.  Through his efforts, the Parliament of Canada passed the Climate Change Accountability Act, legislation that adopted targets for cutting green house gas emissions based on well established scientific consensus. The Act was … Read more

Climate Change Leadership Australian Style

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard recently went on national television to declare that her Government would tax carbon emissions at $25 per ton, eventually replacing the tax by an emissions trading plan operating on the cap-and-trade principle.  As this plan would increase market prices, she also proposes an income tax reduction, arguing that this reduction … Read more

The 2011 Election – Elizabeth May make a difference?

Will the election of Elizabeth May make a difference in Canada’s environmental politics? It will because: The Media Scrum that follows each day’s sittings of the House will allow her to present her views on environmental issues directly to the Canadian people. Both the NDP, as the official opposition, and the Liberal Party, because it … Read more

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