Regulation of GHG emissions

So far as one can judge, the approach of the Canadian Government to the control of Greenhouse Gases (GHG) involves regulations on emitters, as, for example, the regulations on new gas-fueled power plants that will come into effect in 2015 (!!!)  The Government has invited emitters to participate in a process of review and consultation prior … Read more

Tar sands again!

Jean Charest, the Premier of Quebec, summed up Canada’s economy nicely: “Oil, gas and potash — and others. That’s the financial situation of the country. ”  Others could be a reference to Ontario’s manufacturing industry, which these days appears to be an also-ran. Perhaps the less than positive economic news in Ontario will impact the … Read more

Getting Climate Change back on Canada’s political agenda!

Extracts from “The Political Impasse in Canada and the 60% Solution” The political impasse in federal politics is obvious: a majority Conservative government that 60% (actually 60.4%) of Canadians voted against. It’s the Conservatives’ third victory with under 40% of the popular vote. They are cocky now, with control of the Senate, as well, moving … Read more

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