Responsibilities of Senators

Tony Dean is an unaffiliated senator from Ontario and a member of the Senate Committee on Energy, the Environment and Natural Resources (the Committee). He set out the responsibilities of Senators in these terms: “The only thing asked of us by the PM (Trudeau) was that we should bring an independent perspective to our work … Read more

The Reformed Senate of Canada. The Difference it can make!

In 2010 the Senate Committee on Energy, the Environment and Natural Resources released an interim report that acknowledged “climate change is real and happening now”. The Committee scheduled numerous sessions to receive expert testimony that identified the potential risks created by climate change. The Committee also heard evidence from denialists who disputed that these risks were … Read more

“The devil can cite Scripture for his purpose.”

These words  of William Shakespeare are an appropriate description of tactics used by politicians to reject policies with which they disagree.  A recent illustration comes from Senator Ted Cruz (Republican – Texas) who quoted scientists to persuade Americans that the world is not warming. Cruz is one of the front runners for the Republic nomination for President.   … Read more

The Senate of Canada flunks climate change 101!

The leaders of the colonies who forged Canada in 1867 thought a Senate was necessary to provide political balance to the consequences of representation by population, which would result in a great majority of the members of the new House of Commons coming from Quebec and Ontario. There was a justification apart from this quest … Read more

The Senate Report: Begging the question!

The Honorable David Angus, The Senate of Canada, Ottawa, Ontario, KIA OA4 Dear Senator Angus, Re: Report of the Senate Committee on Energy, the Environment and Natural Resources Climate change affects our energy systems now, and our energy consumption for the future. My understanding is that The Senate has spent a great deal of effort in deliberation and … Read more

The Senate Committee “flip-flops”

Our last blog commented on the Final Report of the Senate Committee on Energy, Natural Resources and the Environment entitled “Now or Never”.  The Chair of this Committee, Senator David Angus, gave an interview  to the Globe and Mail after release of the Final Report, in which he referred to a decision by the Committee … Read more

“Business as Usual”

The Senate Committee on Energy, Natural Resources and the Environment delivered its Final Report today. Any assessment of the Final Report  should start with “Attention Canada:! Preparing for our Energy Future”, an Interim Report released by the Committee in 2010.  The Interim Report  stated: “The message is clear: there is urgent need for a national discussion on … Read more

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