A “Wall”-a-buster

The Premier of Saskatchewan, Brad Wall, recognizes the seriousness of climate change.Even so he is against the Federal Government’s proposal to reduce CO2 emissions that are the cause of climate change.  Wall opposes  the Federal policy to put a price on carbon, whether it is by a carbon tax or by cap and trade. He … Read more

A Climate Change Phoenix

Canadians have forgotten that in the 1980’s the Conservative Federal Government was the most environmentally committed Federal Government in Canada’s history.  In recent years that commitment has been much reduced, and on climate change issues it has practically vanished. Here are two straws in the wind that hint of a change. One journalist recently commented “The most … Read more

So Mr. Oliver, what are the other options?

On hearing that Ontario was joining a cap and trade system with Quebec and California to set a price on carbon, our finance Minister, Joe Oliver, reacted predictably.  He described cap and trade as effectively a tax. Horrors! Oliver objected to cap and trade as it would raise the price of everything for hard working … Read more

Alberta: the key to meeting Canada’s GHG Targets

Over five years ago a Federal Conservative Cabinet minister attempted to convince the Alberta Government to  set a price on carbon by joining a national system for cap and trade. At the time Alberta had an internal cap and trade system  for large emitters. The Alberta Government considered that any national cap-and-trade system  would potentially limit … Read more

A made-in-Canada climate-change puzzle

Canada’s December’s presentation at the UN sponsored COP Paris could be two-faced.  One face will be our Federal Conservative Government.  The second face will be Provinces who are serious about reducing GHG. The Federal Government must submit Canada’s Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDC’s) for Greenhouse Gas reductions to the UN.  No less a person than … Read more

Ontario’s commitment to a price on Carbon

The Ontario Government is now weighing responses received from its public consultation on climate change. There will be many developments in both law and policy as a result of this consultation. One development is certain:  Ontario will establish a price on carbon as a mechanism to reduce Green House Gas emissions in the Province.  Ontario … Read more

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