The Global warming Choice –  Pay now to reduce its impact or leave it to our Grandchildren to pay more later!

Premier-Elect Doug Ford is following through on an election promise to repeal cap and trade , Ontario’s mechanism to put a price on provincial carbon emissions.  The repeal of cap and trade legislation will be the first step taken by his Government once sworn in to office. “The carbon tax’s days are numbered,” Ford announced … Read more

Carbon Price is Good for the Economy

The Ontario Conservatives, currently ahead in opinion polls, are promising to remove the price on carbon, the one tool that we know is effective in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. They claim that it is bad for the economy. This article from Inside Climate News says otherwise showing how the economy of the nine eastern states that … Read more

A Quick Update on Carbon Pricing

Basic economics: when the price of something rises, demand falls and people look for alternatives that cost less. For carbon pricing in Canada, the Pan Canadian Framework calls for a minimum price of $10 per tonne of carbon dioxide in 2018, rising to $50 per tonne in 2022 with no commitment after that. In Ontario … Read more

Showdown on Climate Change

Doug Ford, the new leader of the Ontario Provincial Conservative Party, is set to seriously undermine Canada’s effort to bring emissions from fossil fuels to a safe level. If elected Premier, Ford will repeal programs and policies enabling Ontario to assume its fair share of the necessary reduction. The Federal and Provincial Governments (except Saskatchewan) … Read more

Traffic on city backdrop

Ontario Tories have no program to reduce carbon emissions! 

Right after his election as leader of the Provincial Party, Doug Ford told Ontario voters that, if elected, the Tories will get rid of the cap and trade program aimed at reducing carbon emissions.  And he would will not allow a carbon tax in its place. Ford can advance two reasons for his determination to … Read more

The Phoenix has crashed and burned!

Two years ago, Michael Brown, then the leader of the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party, supported a revenue neutral tax on carbon.  As of last October, the Tory  platform promised to end the Liberals’ cap-and-trade program by July 1, 2019.  In its place the party would opt in to federal carbon pricing bench marks and return … Read more

“Goldilocks and the Three Bears” explains Canada’s climate policy.

The Federal Government is once again re-assuring Canadians that economic growth can be consistent with reduction of Canada’s GHG emissions. Canada accepted emission reduction targets when it ratified the Paris Agreement. The consensus of experts  is that the Paris Agreement targets agreed to by all countries are unambitious. These targets will not limit global warming … Read more

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