Climate Action Incentive in Ontario

If you’ve started to file your income tax in Ontario you’ve probably already come across this treat – the calculation of your Climate Action Incentive which will result in money back from the Canadian Government either in reduced tax payment or an increased refund. As you can see in the extract from Step 1 of … Read more

The failure of Ontario’s new climate strategy

 Many economists and other experts assure us that carbon taxes are a good thing.  But, to paraphrase Margaret Wente, canny politicians (e.g. PMs Stephen Harper, Canada and Tony Abbott ,Australia) know some things economists are unable to factor into their analysis:–   viz that  a lot of people don’t like carbon taxes, and will punish governments … Read more

Nobel Prize Winner supports a price on carbon. Ford doesn’t!

As one of his first steps after taking office, Premier Ford announced his intent to repeal the provisions of Cap and Trade, the vehicle for the reduction of GHG emissions in Ontario. This program had been in effect for almost two years, and was starting to show results. Ford treated the vote in the Provincial Election … Read more

Climate change and Ontario politics!

Rod Phillips, the Ontario Environmental Minister, recently stated that “the best approach [to climate change] is to have a plan and then [bring forward] any targets as part of the plan.”  So how does this vague statement of policy fit in with The Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change? Over two years ago,  … Read more

Ontario marks time!

Ontario is pausing efforts to reduce GHG emissions, the key to limiting climate change.  Since its election Ontario’s new Conservative Government has: Abolished the “cap and trade” infrastructure that will reduce GHG emissions in time to meet Ontario’s reduction targets Promised to replace “cap and trade” “by a series of measures, including regulations, .  . … Read more

The ABC’s of the 2018 Ontario Provincial Election

Most readers will quickly guess what “ABC” stands for – “Anyone But Conservative! Why are we so opposed to the Ontario Conservative Party?  In the first place,  the leader of the Conservative Party, Doug Ford, is even more ignorant about climate change than Donald Trump. In the second place, the Conservative Party Platform is a … Read more

“All at Sea”

As our previous blog explains, there is little relief from GHG emissions generated by air transport. What is the situation for ocean transport? The answer to this question: “All at sea! (to use a “salty” expression) Seven years ago the maritime transport industry, represented at Durban by the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS), told the COP Conference that … Read more