Climate Change and Questions for NDP Leadership Candidates

From time to time Forourgrandchildren has speculated about NDP policies on climate change.  An NDP supporter, Lynn MacDonald, is the author of a challenging analysis why an impasse in Canadian politics has prevented practical steps at the Federal level to contain climate change . She has also spearheaded a movement to get the NDP Leadership candidates to … Read more

Getting Climate Change back on Canada’s political agenda!

Extracts from “The Political Impasse in Canada and the 60% Solution” The political impasse in federal politics is obvious: a majority Conservative government that 60% (actually 60.4%) of Canadians voted against. It’s the Conservatives’ third victory with under 40% of the popular vote. They are cocky now, with control of the Senate, as well, moving … Read more

Surprising Support for Action against Climate Change

Why would a group of Shipowners propose at the Durban Conference that they should be subject to a carbon tax?  And, when they make such a proposal, why would the Durban Conference not act or at least acknowledge their initiative? The International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) is the principal international trade association for shipowners, representing … Read more

Australian Update

First the good news: finally there is something positive to write about. Go to our blog “Climate Change Leadership, Australian Style” where the subject was the introduction of national legislation imposing a tax on carbon emissions.  We pointed out that heretofore Australian politicians who supported action, whatever form it took,  against climate changewere committing political … Read more

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