Calgary By-Election – Comment on Comments

The Calgary results are in.  The Conservative Candidate, Joan Crockatt, held the riding, receiving approximately 36% of votes cast, giving her a narrow win over Harvey Locke, the Liberal candidate. Did the awkward comments of Justin Trudeau and David McGuinty prejudice Locke? Possibly, but the apology of Trudeau and the resignation of McGuinty as Liberal … Read more

The Calgary By-Election: thanks to an Albertan for straight talking!

We welcome fair minded criticism.  An Albertan visitor to our Website reminded us that our preference for Chris Turner, the Green Candidate in the Calgary Centre by-election, might reflect our centre Canada bias. Our visitor expressed a clear preference for the Liberal Candidate, and inferentially suggested that we re-examine our support for Turner. Recent remarks … Read more

Why support a Green Party Candidate!

  An Albertan who read our Blog “Make the Conservative Party pay attention to environment issues!” made a fair point in commenting on our appeal to voters in Calgary Center to support Chris Turner. The Comment was: “While I respect your opinion to send the Conservatives a message, you are glossing over the fact that … Read more

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