The Grandparents Generation is changing!

A friend sent my wife and me a poem on the occasion of our first grandchild – many years ago.  One verse read: “Grandmothers don’t have to do anything except be there: They’re old so they shouldn’t play hard or run. If they take us for walks they slow down past things like pretty leaves … Read more

Line 9 key issue at Guelph Climate Change Forum

The big issue at the Guelph Climate Change Forum was Enbridge’s application to the National Energy Board to reverse a section of its Line 9 pipeline between Montreal with Sarnia.  This line traverses many watersheds that flow into Lake Ontario.  A rupture such as happened with Enbridge’s line at Kalamazoo, Michigan, would have a serious impact on the water supply for numerous Ontario towns. Environmental groups have expressed their opposition to this reversal, focusing on the risks of converting this 38 year old pipeline into the preferred means of transport of dilbit (diluted bitumen) to new markets.

Candidates for three of the four major Ontario Political parties (Guelph riding) set out the position of their party on this issue.

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Fierce US opposition to the Keystone XL Pipeline: Why?

Certainly there are many reasons advanced by US supporters why President Obama should approve construction of the Keystone Pipeline. The construction will boost employment at a time when US unemployment is higher than average.  The cash pumped into the US economy will assist a sluggish recovery from the 2008-2009 recession.  Finally, the oil refining industry on the Texas gulf will benefit because the tar sands bitumen will be refined there for export to international markets.

There is another reason that probably does not serve to mobilize US public opinion, and will be taken into consideration by the Obama administration.  The company promoting Keystone, Trans Canada Pipelines, has spent many years planning and obtaining environmental approval from the states through which Keystone will pass. For many years, Canada has lobbied the Obama administration and Federal US politicians, and our Federal Government has “counted” on ultimate approval.

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Civil Disobedience

Over two years ago Sandeep Kembhavi, speaking on behalf of ForourGrandchildren, commented of the role of the courts as a remedy to the Government’s inaction on climate change.  The inspiration for his comments was an address by Dr. James Hansen, who stated that US judges are more likely to force the US government to act … Read more

Coal Blockade follow up!

As reported in our previous postings, British Columbians for Climate Action organized  a “symbolic blockade” of rail shipments of coal to BC ports.  This blockade was one of the many world-wide events marking “Climate Impact Day” sponsored by (Saturday). Apparently the railway, Burlington Northern, obtained a court injunction prohibiting the blockade. Rather than arrest the … Read more

A letter from Mark Jaccard

Canada is heading for a serious division in the social fabric equal to the confrontations that characterized the US Civil Rights movements in the 1960’s.   Civil disobedience will become part of the weapons of the environmentalists.   First read:  Are you ready for civil disobedience? Next read the following explanation by Mark Jaccard, Canada’s leading energy-environment economist, … Read more

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