Lima COP 20 Day One

Lima is one of the most beautiful capitals in South America.  History is around the corner of every street.  The physical setting is splendid. But those marvellous qualities will not count when delegates of Kyoto countries gather to prepare the road to a new climate change convention to be concluded at Paris in December 2015. … Read more

Beyond a Reasonable Doubt

The recent IPCC Assessment Report concluded as a “virtual certainty” that Greenhouse Gases were the principal cause of climate change.

In a previous commentary we anticipated the response of denialists. We observed that:

  • cautious language in the Report would lessen its impact on public opinion;
  • the use of the qualifier “virtual” – after all these years of study some lay persons might expect a direct statement that either GHG are a cause or they are not!
  • climate models projected an increase in the world average temperature as a consequence of increased GHG emissions. Denialists point to a pause in global warming over fifteen years while emissions have increased.

To avoid interminable discussion over the significance of “virtual”, 4RG has a different approach.   Yes, until new observations are made and further studies carried out there is a “doubt”.   But the world must not wait until every last “doubt” is resolved.

 “The Science is very clear and the debate is over. Climate change is happening now, it’s getting worse and humans have caused the majority of it,” said Christian Holz, Executive Director of Climate Action Network Canada. “Climate scientists have done their job – again – in making this clear beyond any reasonable doubt and now the issue is in the hands of societies and their leaders to fix.”

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News Flash – The IPCC Fifth Assessment Report

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released the first part of its Fifth Assessment Report today, Friday, September 27.  Earlier this summer we commented on the science that underlies this lengthy report. 

Climate Action Network Canada points out that the report shows with greater certainty than ever that climate change is real, caused by human activity and requires urgent action. The report shows that it is certain that the earth is getting warmer, precipitation pattern are changing sea levels are rising, sea ice and glaciers are melting and oceans are acidifying, with serious consequences for our communities, environments and economies.

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Why should you meet your Member of Parliament!

We have previously reported on the large number of meetings between fossil fuel officials and ministers, members of parliament, and government officials.  In the same period ministers met with a lobbyist from the environmental community ONLY ONCE. The Ottawa based Polaris Institute, the original author of a study on lobbying (see the Globe and Mail, … Read more

A sell out?

The Canadian Federal Government claims that its policies on climate change will match those in effect in the United States.  So it is that regulations governing automobile emissions standards (to come into effect in 2016) essentially reproduce similar regulations in the United States. In other important fields Canada falls short of US achievements.  In the US, coal fired … Read more

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