Climate Change Forum: Questions and Answers

Question: If carbon tax is so “sellable” why did it fail to continue $5 per annum increases after its introduction (BC)?  Would Cap and Trade been more effective? Answer from David Robinson:  You have a good question and I don’t have an authoritative answer. I was disappointed, and I suspect it was simply political … Read more

Climate Change Forum: Questions and Answers

Question:  In a cap-and-trade system how would the caps on each emitter be allocated?  Would it be by industrial benchmarking or a blanket per centage reduction? The Response: Panelist Katie Sullivan, International Emissions Trading Association, responds: Emissions in either the sector or the economy is capped. Emission allocations (permits for each entity allowing emissions) are … Read more

Putting a Price on Carbon

The Climate Change Forum filled the Isabel Bader Theatre to its 475 seat capacity.  The Forum reviewed the two mechanisms that are recognized as effective ways of putting a price on carbon: a carbon tax and “cap and trade”. The four panellists, Gray Taylor, Nic Rivers, Katie Sullivan and David Robinson, analysed the issues that must be … Read more

Climate Change Forum Questions and Answers

The Question: What is the impact of either system, Carbon Tax or Cap and Trade, on the economies of emerging countries? The Response:  Dr. David Robinson, who supports “Fee and Dividend” as the mechanism for putting a price on Carbon, responds: This is a terrific and difficult question because so much depends on the administrative … Read more

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