“We’re having a heat wave!”

Nearly a century ago Irving Berlin wrote these words for his song: “We’re having a heat wave! A tropical heat wave The temperature’s rising It isn’t surprising . . .  Not so long ago heat waves, defined as three consecutive days of unusual heat, would hit North America approximately every twenty years. Now – unless … Read more

A one-line blog that says it all!

We have to thank the Edmonton Journal for the ultimate description of Canada’s record in cutting GHG emissions: “Though our icefields are melting fast, our action on climate change has been glacial.”   If you want to see what this glacier looked like 90 years ago, click to see this Edmonton Journal commentary and photo.

When it isn’t leadership!

Time and again the Canadian Government has asserted it plays a leadership role in international climate change negotiations.  A blatantly inaccurate claim – unless winning the Fossil of the Year Award is “leadership”. At last year’s COP 20 Conference in Lima Canada Canada’s Minister of the Environment continued to make specious statements about Canada’s leadership. … Read more

We are not surprised!

If we are permitted a bit of exaggeration, we would say that Canada has not a hope in hell of reaching its Copenhagen targets for reduced Greenhouse Gas emissions.

Not even its supporters expect the Harper Government to be a miracle maker.  Yet that is what is required if we are to meet this target.  Implementation of the long promised regulations on the oil and gas industry won’t do the trick. . . . and, apart from stricter emissions standards for motor vehicles (adopted from the USA), there is nothing else on the agenda.

Today Environment Canada finally released its analysis of GHG emission trends – three months behind schedule.  Perhaps Canada’s new Environment Minister had to warn her colleagues that the situation described in the report would not be pretty.

Then again perhaps not.  No one in this Government appears to believe in the necessity of avoiding global warming, possibly because they don’t accept the science.

Canada was failing in the other years since Copenhagen but this year it flunked out!  

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What PR Problem?

“Climate’s Big PR Problem” is the title of Margaret Wente’s column on the 5th Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.  This just-released report sets out the physical science behind climate change. Ms. Wente claims that the world has stopped warming up, which she describes as “a monumental PR headache for the IPCC. … Read more

News Flash – The IPCC Fifth Assessment Report

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released the first part of its Fifth Assessment Report today, Friday, September 27.  Earlier this summer we commented on the science that underlies this lengthy report. 

Climate Action Network Canada points out that the report shows with greater certainty than ever that climate change is real, caused by human activity and requires urgent action. The report shows that it is certain that the earth is getting warmer, precipitation pattern are changing sea levels are rising, sea ice and glaciers are melting and oceans are acidifying, with serious consequences for our communities, environments and economies.

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A Public Resource to be shared!

A Toronto environmentalist, Peter Shepherd, noted that information on the Environment Canada Website had disappeared.  So last May he wrote to Peter Kent, the previous Federal Minister of the Environment, asking why Environment Canada had removed a series of Climate Trends and Variations Bulletin from its Website. At the time of his letter the 2012 … Read more

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