“Chasing Ice”

Last night we saw the Oscar Award Winning Documentary “Chasing Ice” by National Geographic Photographer James Balog. Although previously a climate change sceptic, Balog had witnessed the transformation of the Arctic, and so set about to record changes in glaciers in North America. Perhaps Balog was prodded into action by the virulence of the denial … Read more

A Hurricane that Blogs!

As a Force 1 Hurricane Sandy could have happened at any time.  Yet Sandy is one of the most menacing storms to come ashore in the North Carolina – Eastern New England Range. Potentially the damages could be astronomical, rivalling Katrina’s destruction, although there remains the hope that the actual damages will be much less. … Read more

Minimizing Public Awareness of Climate Change

Nearly three weeks ago ForourGrandchildren repeated warnings from the world media about the record loss of Arctic Ice in the summer months.  We thought the seriousness of this “disaster in the making” deserved a stark headline: “Climate Breakdown is right here, right now!” In December 2008 and this past August (Arctic pack ice hits all-time … Read more

“Dutch Disease” or Canadian Politics?

There has been a lot of commentary in the print media about Thomas Mulcair’s remarks on the connection between “Dutch Disease” and the tar sands.  Mulcair claims that the vast exports of fossil fuels have led to a high Canadian dollar.  In turn, a high dollar hurts the competitiveness of Canadian manufactured goods in foreign … Read more

You have to admire Australians!

We watched one of the episodes of a TV Series entitled “I have seen the earth change” that commented on the 2006-07 drought experienced in the farming communities of New South Wales, Australia. Two things impressed us:  the resilience of the surviving farmers, to whom drought went “with the territory”. The hardship of drought was … Read more

There is still hope!

James Lovelock was very pessimistic regarding the ability of human societies to mitigate the effect of climate change.  Yet other environmentalist authors, such as Paul Giddings, were more hopeful, a fact noted in other  ForourGrandchildren comments.  In the opinion of these other authors, the effects of global warming could be mitigated given human ingenuity and commitment. … Read more

Weather? Climate? Do you know the difference?

“If this is global warming, I’m in favour of it!” So spoke a southern Ontario citizen as we entered yet another week of “winter-less” weather with streets devoid of ice and snow and temperatures almost reaching double digits plus! We all walked the street without rubbers or boots and sweaters rather than parkas and mittens. … Read more

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