Climate Change Policy will not be Ontario Government Policy

The polls anticipated the Conservative win.  And for the next four years Ontario will be governed by a party that will not address climate change, although it will target litter!. So For Our Grandchildren and many other environmental organizations will  not be listened to, let alone any having actual influence on the Provincial Government. Doug … Read more

Shifts in Canadian public opinion on Climate change!

We sent this letter to Andrew Scheer, Leader of the Federal Conservatives   Dear Mr. Scheer, A recent poll by Abacus Data strongly suggests that Canadians are becoming more aware of the risks presented by climate change. Eighty-five per cent of those responding recognized that not taking action would lead to consequences between severe and catastrophic. The … Read more

“NAFTA -Is Climate Change In or Out”?

Andrew Scheer, the leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, stated that in the NAFTA Negotiations Canada should not propose inclusion of climate change measures. Scheer tagged such measures as “social issues”, along with gender equality and aboriginal rights.  Erin O’Toole, the Conservative Shadow Foreign Minister, characterized these measures as “virtue signalling,”, inferring that they … Read more

Betting on Michael Chong

4RG has written comments generally critical of the fossil fuel policies of the Federal Conservative Party. Lately we noted there are members of that party who recognize the need for action. In our March 2016 blog we gave credit to Michael Chong, Federal MP for the Ontario riding of Wellington- Halton Hills, for advocating the … Read more

Donald and the “Trumpettes”

Give President-elect Donald Trump credit for his ability to dismiss issues that he regards as unimportant using simple language. Voters accept his summary as this relieves them of the need to have a deeper understanding of these issues. Politicians who are on the same side of an issue expand on or synchronize their conclusions with … Read more

A Climate Change Phoenix

Canadians have forgotten that in the 1980’s the Conservative Federal Government was the most environmentally committed Federal Government in Canada’s history.  In recent years that commitment has been much reduced, and on climate change issues it has practically vanished. Here are two straws in the wind that hint of a change. One journalist recently commented “The most … Read more

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