Hey Minister Oliver!

ForourGrandchildren recommends that you make a point of visiting your MP and letting him/her know where you stand on climate change.   Add that if you don’t see progress in protecting the environment against the consequence of fossil fuel consumption, you will be working and voting against the Conservatives at the next election. You can question … Read more

Post Script on a Post Mortem

“Post Mortem on the 2011 Ontario election”, a recent blog, was a little gloomy. Perhaps the title should have been “Liberals stick to their guns.” In the face of a motion by the Provincial Conservatives the Liberal Provincial Government stands by its principal building block of the new green economy.  This building block is an … Read more

Advice to US politicians: Don’t eat Arugala!

Economists tell us that a market price that truly reflects the costs of energy is the best way of making people economize in their use of electricity from fossil-fuel fired plants.   Yet a promise to lower the cost of electricity helped Andrea Horvath, the leader of the Provincial NDP party, do so well in the … Read more

Tar sands again!

Jean Charest, the Premier of Quebec, summed up Canada’s economy nicely: “Oil, gas and potash — and others. That’s the financial situation of the country. ”  Others could be a reference to Ontario’s manufacturing industry, which these days appears to be an also-ran. Perhaps the less than positive economic news in Ontario will impact the … Read more

Whitewashing the Tar Sands – Take 2!

In the eyes of many people the tar sands are “dirty”.  How do you change a public image like that? The Canadian Governments first attempt was the “ethical oil” campaign.  How can anything that is ethical be “dirty”?  ‘ But wait, there’s more PR that’s just arrived! The Federal and Alberta Governments have mandated a … Read more

Friday, January 26 – Wedding Reception all Toronto is invited!

Prime Minister Stephen Harper is pleased to announce the wedding of his Minister of Natural Resources, Joe Oliver, to Big Oil. The Matron of Honour is Peter Kent, Minister of the Environment.  Ezra Levant, the author of Ethical Oil, will receive the wedding vows.  Alykhan Velshi, the creative genius behind Ethicaloil.org, is the ring bearer.  Margaret … Read more

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