Kent touts Canada’s climate record

“Kent touts Canada’s climate record”: this is the headline from the Ottawa Citizen that carried the story of Peter Kent’s address at Doha. A McMillan Dictionary definition of “tout” is:   “to try to persuade people to buy something by telling them about it, especially loudly and in public”.  Kent’s speech to the approximately 1200 delegates in a … Read more

Doha: Kent agrees to meet environmental organizations

The Globe & Mail used the words “unrivalled access among major industries”to describe the relationship between the fossil fuel industry and the Canadian Government. (Report on Business, Tuesday, December 4th, 2012). According to a study by the lobby group Polaris Institute, senior industry officials held 791 separate meetings with government representatives, including Ministers, members of Parliament, … Read more

Doha: the Week in Review

After three conferences on Climate Change (Copenhagen, Cancun and Durban) the politicians and the general public in North America are comfortable with the lack of progress in fighting global warming at a world level. So there is no great expectation that the outcome of discussions/negotiations at the Doha Conference (Conference of the Parties or COP18) … Read more

The Doha Conference– Canada’s Credibility (2)

In our last blog we referred to the assessment of Climate Tracker, an internationally recognized Non-Government Organization, of Canadian Government estimates of progress to meeting reduction targets for Greenhouse gases. Saturday’s Globe & Mail has an article about the risk that Arctic warming presents to polar bears.  The Commission of Environmental Cooperation, established under the … Read more

The Doha Conference: Canada’s Credibility

Peter Kent, Canada’s Environment Minister, has to handle all the tough roles.  Last year at Durban he had to tell the world that Canada was not signing on for a second commitment period under the Kyoto Convention. He had to follow that announcement with a statement that Canada was going to withdraw from the Convention … Read more

The Great Divide at Doha.

It is a good legal principle that an agreement to agree is not enforceable in a court of law.  The countries attending the COP18 Conference at Doha are finding that such a principle has a practical basis. Supposedly all countries agreed at last year’s COP17 Conference at Durban to negotiate a replacement for the Kyoto Convention … Read more

Doha “isn’t a pledging conference.”

Doha “isn’t a pledging conference.” With these words Peter Kent, the Canadian Minister of the Environment, dismissed the suggestion that Canada should make a financial commitment to support developing countries who otherwise lack the financing and the expertise to reduce their Greenhouse Gas emissions.  One wonders if Kent has read the preliminary information about Doha … Read more

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